About us

Thoughts Behind is an independent and open platform for thinkers in the arts, business, science and more. Our mission is to encourage readers to examine objective data and reflect on subjective experiences in these different areas.

We believe in the importance of critical thinking in this fast-changing and information-overloaded world. Critical thinking skills can help us to understand ourselves to make better life decisions. They can also motivate us to question authorities, social customs, information, and others to make society a more livable and equitable place for everyone. Lastly, we believe that words and graphics are appropriate tools to organise complex ideas and foster valuable discussions.

We invite those who have compelling perspectives on topics that are often overlooked by mainstream media. For instance, many divided positions may be shaped by misunderstanding and oversimplification of broader ethical and other philosophical questions. We want to hear your voices and promote respectful conversations between diverse viewpoints.

We wish you the best in your journey of exploring the thoughts behind everything.